Sunday, September 9, 2007

I have been practicing self portraits with my camera. I am not that good yet, but I am trying. I have been blind in my left eye for 3 years. I started losing site in that eye 8 years ago . They found out I had a tumor on the optic nerve. It is not cancerous but it is inoperable. I feel blessed to still have one good eye. What is unusual is that my eye that is blind moves just like the other one. And I have not noticed much of a color change. My doctor says I am really lucky because of that. One blessing to be thankful for.

The plant with the angel is a Crow's feet plant. It is a succulent. It is a piece of a plant that I have had since 8th grade. It is a really neat plant. This picture is for a friend who had never seen one. *nita*


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Nita! It's so nice to see your pretty face!!!! I think of you and John often throughout my day....
You're so pretty!! The sweetness in you shows on your face.
xxoo, Dawn

Mary said...

Your eyes are your best feature, I bet. It's so nice to see you! Dawn is right - you have a very sweet face!

My husband has been blind in his left eye since birth. His right eye has a very lacey retina but he's doing fine.

Counting Your Blessings said...

I can't believe you've had a plant since 8th grade!! I can't even keep one living for a full year. I've been thinking of you and John all weekend. Asked my family to be praying too. Have a wonderful Monday. Blessings... Polly

katherine. said...

how nice to be able to put a face to you!

I did a double take when you went from writing about your eyes to writing about a crows feet plant....laughing...

Donna said...

Nice photo! Plant since the eighth grade? I'm not that good..I've managed to keep an ive alive for 12 years here at the office. It was for the birth of my gran daughter. Praying for you and John.

Shelley said...

Hello Nita, what a very nice picture. You are so pretty ! I said a prayer for your family today. Trusting God to move mountains for you .Isn't it wonderful to have the Lord to turned to in terrible times. I don't know what unbelievers do when they are going thru such circumstances. We may not understand why but we know he is watching over us and he will never leave us are forsake us ! He can take what the Devil meant for our harm and turn it around for our good ! Be encouraged and know that you are the apple of his eye !
Blessings, Shelley

Amy Wagner said...

I am smiling as I look at your picture. Your sweet personality shown in your writing on your blog now shines through your self portrait. Thanks for sharing.
I love that you have that plant. My sister in law has a Christmas cactus that was her Grandmother's. It is VERY old.
You have a green thumb, my friend!

Julie said...

Hi Nita!
So nice to "see" you!!! I love your hair cut...very cute!
You know, when I looked for a pic of the Crows Feet plant online, what I saw was completely different! LOL. That is a gorgeous succulent! I will look for the likes of it on, and see if I can find it. I want to have a plant for as long as you have had this one!!! Succulents are so unique, beautiful, and harder to kill, for sure...congrats on that gorgeous specimen!!!
Thinking and praying for John,
and you too, and your family.


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