Sunday, September 9, 2007

Shadow of a Dragonfly

Today I saw the shadow of a dragonfly, right in front of me. When I looked up it was gone. Dragonflies have always fascinated me. I would love to go out to some wetlands and get some really good pictures of them.
When John and I went blackberry picking in July, we went to some wetlands near us, and the dragonflies were flying all around us, it was magical. We talked that night of future escapades into the woods and wetlands. I wonder now, will we be able to do things like that. Will his health permit it.
I remember a hike we took once on the Cherokee trails at Carlyle Lake. We walked a 3 mile hike through the woods and ended up in an old cemetery. On a low branch of an old Oak tree was a hoot owl. We just froze. I had one of the eeriest feelings I have ever felt in my life. We looked around the little cemetery and discovered it was a family cemetery. Almost everyone there had died of Cholera. It really made me think about life, and how it can be unfair. Almost a whole family wiped out by a sickness. I have always been the kind of person who has tried to live each day to the fullest, because I never knew what life had in store. I will continue doing that, life may change for us but we can still do everything in our power to make it a good life. *nita*


Amy Wagner said...

The dragonfly sent you good memories of your past and hope for more good memories to make... a NEW kind of future. Nita, Have you ever seen the movie called "Dragonfly"? I HIGHLY recommend it!!!! If you find it and watch it let me know what you think.
Your friend Amy

Lindah said...

Good post! Good comment by your friend Amy. I would second her words. Hope for the future, living life to the fullest, savoring each God-given moment, making new good memories. All good concepts to keep in mind.

mon@rch said...

Nature can always remind us of those things that are most important, great post my friend!

Anonymous said...

Nita, nature can be very healing for the soul. So if John's health permits - even though you may not be hiking, his soul would probably benefit from seeing those dragonflies again. In among all the hard work that your lives will be - do take moments to feed your souls. Hugs! Jill


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