Thursday, September 27, 2007

Click on picture this bird is so pretty
I went for a drive yesterday with my Dad, when I say Dad it is my Step-Dad, but he has raised me since I was 4 years old. Many times he was an ass growing up, and that is putting it Mildly. But, he has tried really hard in the last 20 years to change.
I had business to take care of and did not want to go alone. So he came along.
I took this picture in Mt. Vernon, I was eating breakfast and ordered hash browns which I always feed to the birds. This seagull came flying in immediately after I threw some out. Isn't awesome? I saw buffaloes that I want to take a picture of over past Breese. There are some people who raise them. I drove to places I had never drove to before yesterday, just practicing. We ended up lost in East St. Louis!!!
My Dad looks at me really calm and says ," I think we are in a pickle."
I am looking for a way out, and find an exit. But, you know I am stronger than what I know, because I did pretty good. I did not panic, I just looked for a way out. And I got alot of driving experience in for driving over that way. Thanks to everyone who left a comment yesterday and the day before. I was so overwhelmed with all I have to do. It just seems there is more things for me to do everyday since John had his accident. I just get down sometimes, he use to help me so much, now I am alone, doing it all. ~Nita~


Mary said...

Most people find seagulls to be a nuisance but I always enjoy watching them, especially when they sit next to me on the beach :o)

I don't like being lost, either. You handled it well!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Hi Nita, Just checkin in on you from work! I love quotes and I, too am afraid to drive in the city. Elenor Roosevelt said so many inspiring things....I wanted you to read this and try to remember!

Elenor Roosevelt, You Learn By Living.
You gain strength, courage and confidence by every expierence in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself. "I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along."

red tin heart said...

Mary: Thanks. I like seagulls . I like most birds. xo Nita

Robin: Thanks for checkin in, I love Eleanor Roosevelt! I love this quote, I am going to write it down. xo Nita

Counting Your Blessings said...

Sometimes getting lost is just the medicine we need. Blessings... POlly

Nathalie Thompson said...

Hi Nita, I haven't looked in on you in a few days and now I feel like I missed something. :( I know it's overwhelming not having your spouse around to share the load of daily stuff, let alone crisis stuff. I depend so much on my husband too, as independent as I am most of the time. I know when you look back, you will see how far you've come and be amazed. God is with you. (((hugs)))

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Nita.......this seagull looks more regal than any I've ever seen....I think she was there for you.
And I am soooo proud of you for your adventure. Look how strong and courageous you are, driving around and discovering YOUR wings.

xox Rella

mon@rch said...

Just love the gulls also but I always find my best things that way!

red tin heart said...

Polly: I think you are right. xoxo Nita

Nathalie: Thank you. I do feel alone so very much. xo Nita

Rella: You are so wonderful to visit me, I know your life has so much pain right now too. Please e-mail your snail mail addy. I want to send you something. love nita

Monarch: I am learning so much from you. I always considered myself knowledgeable about birds, but I am learning so much from you. You are amazing. ~nita~

Amy Wagner said...

I am proud of you, my friend.

Lee W. said...

you are not alone! You have friends and family- esp. your dad! John may not be able to do physical things, but he is still with you, right? Hang in there. You can do this!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Just checking in on you. Hope you're feeling ok today. At my Bible study group last night (Beth Moore's Jesus study), when our leader asked for prayer concerns, I lifted up you and John. Just wanted you to know that God ear is being bent in your direction. Hugs and blessings.

Q said...

Sometimes life is difficult.
Even when you have a positive attitude it is positively difficult! Allow yourself the time to grieve, your life has changed dramatically! Even winning the lottery would not restore your life.
Finding your way out of "lost" is so symbolic! I think you are brave and gracious.
We are here cheering you onward. Rest, dear heart, and go again. We keep on, keeping on.
I see the light in you,

katherine. said...

a single gull in the sky is a graceful site. Jonathan Livingston Seagull and all. A flock of them while trying to picnic on the like the flock from "Finding Nemo"....laughing.

I am glad you did not have to attend to your business on your own. My prayers are with you guys!

red tin heart said...

Amy: Thank you.xoxo Nita

Lee: I am very happy John is alive, it is hard many times, but I know I will make it. Thank you. xoxo Nita

Susan: No wonder I slept so good. Thank you. xoxo Nita

Sherry: You encourage me by your quiet grace, thank you. xoxo Nita

Katherine: I really appreciate your remarks. You are a kind soul. love nita

My Treasure Barn said...

Oh Nita
You are so strong and you WILL get through this. John will be home soon and you will learn to deal with his disability. God is with you everyday and you can see that in the wonderful person you are. Things will get better than they are today. I am sure you are so overwhelmed right now but you are doing the right thing by taking each day as they come. Some are not as good as others but you will get through this.

God Bless you my friend

red tin heart said...

Patti: Thank you friend, I feel weak so many times, but I lean on God for strength. There is a scripture, When you are weak I am strong, I know that is the case so many times. love nita

Bethany said...

Soar like that seagull on the wings of God's strength as He carries you and keeps you company doing all that you have to do. You are allowed to feel like you are alone and lost, hang on to the knowledge though that there are many prayers lifting you up, like the seagull, onto the next swell of wind gust to fly high above all the cares and worries and burdens you have to bear.

mon@rch said...

Thanks . . . . blush


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