Saturday, September 22, 2007

8th Day

We are all different. But, we are all the same. If you are a human , you are connected to ever other human being alive. We all go to the bathroom, we all have to bathe, we all have to eat. We have families, we have problems. I believe the biggest weapon that the devil uses against people is to produce prejudice against one another.

Because beneath the color we are the same. My Mother is 1/2 Cherokee, and I have nieces and nephews that are bi-racial. But the beautiful thing is that God made us each so unique. If we can just look beyond the color of one anothers's skin and see inside the heart of our brothers and sisters we will be accomplishing so very much. We are the pieces of each other's puzzle. ~nita~


Q said...

Dear Nita,
We are all one. We are connected.
Diversity is the beauty, it is what is healthy.
Respect for one another will bring peace and wholeness. It is what is holy.

My Treasure Barn said...

My first true love was Cherokee Indian
What great people they are
He was killed in a freak accident in 1983
Predudice is unnecessary since we are all are the same but different
God Bless You

whimseycreations said...

I love that Nita - we are all pieces of each others puzzle! Great one.

Amy Wagner said...

I have nieces and nephews that are half black and my kids call their cousins "chocolate cousins". They love their chocolate cousins to bits!!!

Shelley said...

Dear Nita, thank you so much for your post. I totally agree with you ! I have grandchildren who are bi-racial. This still isn't so easily excepted in the south but I don't let the feeble thoughts of the close minded steal my joy ! This very thought has been pondering in my mind this past week about how different we all are yet the same. We are all so precious in the sight of God ! I also have a grandson , 10 months, who is half hispanic. I count it a blessing to explore other cultures within our own family. I don't think our children even see color anymore . They just see the heart as you say and love one another deeply.
Have a blessed Lord's Day ! Shelley

Renee said...

Love your page! We are ALL connected! Great job with the challenge!

{connie} said...

well said!! this is so true! all in all we are all brothers and sisters of a Heavenly Father. thank you for reminding the world!!

Jeanne said...

Wonderful journal page. I really like this quote, don't you? I said a prayer for John yesterday and will do today also!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love that quote. Beautiful work, Nita. Oh, and my great grandmother was Cherokee. Good blood. Praying for you and John today.

red tin heart said...

Susan: I came up with that quote last night while doing my piece for day 8. I thought how we are all a part of each other and the words just tumbled into my mind. xo Nita

red tin heart said...

Jeanne: Thank you for praying for John. xo Nita

Connie: I agree, we are all brothers and sisters in Gods's Eyes. xo Nita

Renee: Thank you.xo Nita

Shelley: I try not to let people get me down with their small minds either. God dosen't love one color more than the other. xoxo Nita

Amy: I love your sense of humor, you are so funny. xoxo Nita

Jill: I am glad you liked that, I have to say the quote was God inspired, I wouldn't come up with that on my own. xoxo Nita

Patti: I agree, prejudice is unnecessary. xo Nita

Sherry: I wish every person could respect all other colors and races of people. I love the song , Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me. xoxo Nita

Mary said...

Beautiful message, Nita. Thanks.


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